12×6 Soccer Goal

12x6 soccer goal

The perfect size for mini soccer training, this 12×6 soccer goal can be a great addition to your backyard. With the ability to set up and pack down in under 90 seconds, it’s an excellent choice for home or park use.

Built to last and offer world-class performance, this all-weather PVC goal is the ideal solution for regular games and training sessions. Its essential locking system holds all the posts together to enhance its resistance to crossbar challenges and post-rattling volleys.

Easy to assemble

Whether playing in the backyard or with friends at a practice session, this pop-up soccer goal is easy to assemble and transport. It features a collapsible design and is made from 5-ply solid knotless polyester 100mm mesh soccer box nets.

The 12-foot-wide goal is a good size for children playing mini-soccer, a small-sided variation of the game explicitly tailored to juniors under 11. It meets all necessary regulations and can be used in matches, tournaments, or training sessions to develop skills.

Rachel from Upstate New York needed a set of reasonable goals for her recreational league. She wanted them to be easy to move from field to field, but she also wanted them to be rugged enough to survive regular use and transportation.

After some research, she decided on Kee Klamp fittings that would simplify assembling the goals and disassembling them when not in use. She used a hacksaw to cut the steel pipe and deer netting, and it took her a few hours to put the entire thing together.

Easy to transport

Whether you’re looking for a soccer goal to store at the side of your pitch or need a portable goal for training sessions, you can find a 12×6 soccer goal that is easy to transport. This goal folds up quickly and easily for instant setup and dismantles into a carry bag for long-term storage.

When you’re playing soccer, it is essential to have the right equipment to ensure your game is safe and enjoyable. This portable goal is designed to withstand the rigors of youth and elite players, so you can be confident that your practice sessions will be successful.

This goal is made from 42mm galvanized steel and has been designed with durability in mind, so it can withstand regular use by juniors without becoming damaged. It’s also lightweight, making it easy for youngsters to carry it around during their games and training sessions.

Easy to set up

Whether you want to use a goal for scrimmages, team training, or full-field games, this 12×6 soccer goal is easy to set up and store. Its unique Tension-Tite poles create a sturdy frame, while its easy Velcro net attachments and steel ground stakes keep the goal in place.

When ready to store the goal, it folds into a carrying bag for convenient long-term storage and transport. Designed for youth players, this portable goal has all the features you need to make your backyard game successful.

Movable soccer goals can tip over if the front posts are not securely anchored to the back bar and crossbar or if there is a problem with the connecting hardware (see Appendix C). A few designs incorporate lightweight materials for the goal’s front posts and crossbar and heavier material for the rear ground bar and frame members to reduce the likelihood of the goal tipping forward.

Easy to store

Unlike many soccer goals on the market, this model folds flat after use for convenient storage. It’s also designed to be left all year round outdoors, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants a quality goal that will last.

This portable soccer goal is made from high-strength steel posts and finished in a classy black. It meets official size regulations for mini-soccer and is fully weatherproof, making it an excellent option for year-round backyard training sessions.

The quick-attach net and snap buttons help to set up and fold the 12×6 soccer goal quickly and easily, compacting it down to 116cm x 12cm x 24cm when not in use. It is also supplied with 4mm steel pegs for added stability on soft surfaces.

The goal is easy to assemble, taking less than 120 seconds to pop up. The pre-attached, 5-ply knotless polyester 4″ mesh soccer box nets are durable and weatherproof. The goal also includes a handy carry bag for convenient storage and transport.

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