Georgia Soccer Forum – Connect with Fellow Soccer Enthusiasts

georgia soccer forum

Georgia Soccer Forum – Connect with Fellow Soccer Enthusiasts

Georgia Soccer offers a range of coaching education programs for coaches of all levels. These courses are delivered in a Blended format, which means that the theoretical component is delivered via a 2-hour virtual instructor-led session, and the practical component is done in a 2-hour in-person field session.

You can also join the USYS University to find unique content designed and developed by US Youth Soccer. Whether you are a player, coach, parent or official, the University is here to help you perform better on and off the field of play.

FootyRoom Forum

FootyRoom Forum is the fastest-growing football/soccer community on the internet. Join this huge community of fans and talk about the latest news, transfer rumours, matchday discussions and more. Also, discuss your favourite team and find sources for live matches. If you’re a coach or referee, share tactics and training tips here too! You can even participate in member-led competitions/games such as First Goal, Gloryhunter, Goal Difference and Last Man Standing.

FootyRoom has 75 CSS, JavaScript and image requests sent to the server, which can slow down your page load time. This can be reduced by compressing the content with GZIP, which reduces data from your browser to the web server and back again.

The Footymad

The Footymad is a community where soccer fans discuss their favourite teams, transfer rumours, and more. Whether you’re an amateur or professional player, coach, or referee, there’s something for everyone on this forum. It’s a great place to share your training tips, learn about new leagues, and learn about the latest football world cups. Log in or register to join this huge community of footy fans. It’s free and safe to use! The only requirement is a love for the sport.


Reddit is a popular forum that allows users to chat about a wide range of topics. It is available on desktop, iOS and Android. It has millions of subreddits or forums dedicated to a specific topic. For example, if you like dogs, there is a r/dogs subreddit where content is only about dogs.

One of the best places to discuss soccer is /r/soccer, which has an active community that can provide plenty of information on different teams and leagues. It is also a great place to share your opinion on different teams and players. The site may be a little off-topic at times, but it has a lot of good-quality discussions and is a great way to get your feet wet.

The site is generally moderated, and many subreddits are geared toward a particular subject. For instance, a subreddit about climate change is highly moderated and may not allow a person to post a comment that could be considered controversial.

Another feature to watch out for is Reddit’s karma system, which determines how many upvotes or downvotes a user receives for their comments and submissions. It’s a gamification feature that rewards people for submitting and commenting on high-quality content.

In addition, it has a useful full-screen mode for browsing posts on the go. It also offers text-to-speech and a magazine-style Q&A mode for AMA (ask me anything) posts.

It’s a bit of a pity that the site is not as active as it used to be, but it is still popular for those who want to talk about a certain subject and are looking for an engaging conversation. However, it does tend to attract a fair amount of trolls and is not necessarily the place for serious discussions.


The NYCFC Forum is the home for New York City FC Supporters worldwide. It discusses the club, upcoming matches, and matchday talk.

MLS news, team signings, and more are discussed in dedicated sections. There is also an NYCFC marketplace and a section for chatting about soccer in general.

NYCFC is also taking steps to use the power of soccer to improve communities around the five boroughs. The club recently partnered with Mastercard and ‘City Assist’ to help local small businesses.

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