lda – Olimpia

lda - Olimpia

lda – Olimpia

La Liga Deportiva Alajuelense y Club Olimpia prometen disputar este miercoles 26 de octubre desde el Estadio Nacional de Tegucigalpa para el partido de ida de la Gran Final de la Liga de Concacaf. El encuentro esta pactado para arrancar a las 21:00 horas ET.

Es ahora possible ver esta senal en vivo en TUDN | ViX (USA-espanol) y OneSoccer, Fox Sports Mexico y ESPN (Centroamerica, Caribe y Sudamerica). Puedes ver la finale con la 7-day free trial disponible para tus canales.


A sacred sanctuary dedicated to Zeus, Olimpia is located at the intersection of two rivers in western Peloponnese. Its sweeping landscape is home to a rich collection of ancient monuments.

The site is an archaeological wonder, from prehistoric times to the end of Roman civilization. Over 70 temples, treasuries, altars, and statues are scattered across the area. Some were built for sporting events, while others were dedicated to the worship of Zeus.

Throughout the sanctuary of Olympia, visitors can admire some of the most beautiful examples of Hellenic art. The Altis, the sacred grove, has been preserved in almost perfect condition. It is a space of spirituality and ideological weight that can be appreciated today as in antiquity, where Zeus’s values of fair competition and Sacred Truce were enshrined.

Visitors can also discover the remains of temples and sanctuaries that once stood on this land in these same sacred forests. The monuments and votives left behind at this sanctuary are preserved in their original form.

Criterion (iv): The sanctuary of Olympia bears exceptional testimony to the cultural heritage of Greece in general and the Peloponnese in particular. During the Middle Helladic and Mycenaean periods, it was the focal point for worshipping many gods and goddesses.

The sanctuary of Olympia has been a site of religious pilgrimage since ancient times when people from all over the world would visit to pray and pay tribute to Zeus. During the Olympic Games, which were celebrated every four years, athletes and their entourage would leave all other activities to gather in the area of Olympia for three months.

At the peak of its popularity, Olympia was a large city that ruled over the Peloponnese region. In the middle of the 3rd century, it suffered serious damage from a series of earthquakes. However, the sanctuary survived until 393 AD when Emperor Theodosius I banned all pagan festivals.

Despite this, Olympia continued to hold the Olympic Festival until the end of its existence. It was later destroyed by the Roman Empire, with the Temple of Zeus falling into ruins.


Alajuelense is a Costa Rican football club founded in 1919. They play in the Primera Division FPD. Their home ground is Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto, and they currently sit in third place on the league table.

They are led by Johan Alberto Venegas Ulloa, their top goalscorer with six goals. Their second-best goalscorer is Freddy Gondola, with six goals, and their third-best goal scorer is Bryan Ruiz Gonzalez, with two goals.

The team has a record of 3rd place in the league, and they are in the process of making an exciting run in the finals. They have been very strong this season, and they have won 9 games out of their 36 matches, drawing nine and losing eight games.

In their away games, they have been stronger than their home matches and have won 13 out of 19. Their top players include Freddy Gondola, Aubrey David, Johan Alberto Venegas Ulloa, and Bryan Ruiz Gonzalez.

As the team plays more international fixtures, its players are also more well-known, attracting much attention. They also have several popular supporters, and their stadium is one of the best in the country.

Their stadium, the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto, has a capacity of 17,895. It was opened in 1942 and is considered the Cathedral of Costa Rican Soccer.

It is one of the most iconic stadiums in the country and is a must-see for any fan of the team. It also has an incredible illumination system that has become the envy of other teams in the country.

While most people know Olimpia for their World Cup success, they have a rich history of club competitions, and they are one of the oldest clubs in Costa Rica. They have been to the Concacaf Champions League finals five times and have won two.

They were to Copa America in 1990 and won the league title in 1997. They also qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 1990 and made it to the tournament’s quarterfinals.


Honduras and Costa Rica have long been among the most storied teams in the region. Their rivalry dates back to the 19th century when Olimpia was founded in 1912, and Alajuelense was formed in 1919.

The two clubs will face off in the Concacaf League Final en Tegucigalpa on October 26. Olimpia is the reigning champ after defeating Motagua 1-0 in the semifinals. The team is led by Argentina’s Pedro Troglio and Alajuelense by uruguayan Fabian Coito.

Olimpia won the Concacaf League in 2017, defeating Santos de Guapiles of Costa Rica. The squad boasts several talented players, including Wilmer Velasquez and Michaell Chirinos.

In the upcoming match, Olimpia will be looking to make a big impact on the scoreboard and take home a win in the Final. The team has a strong record against Alajuelense, winning 4 of the past six meetings.

The team has a solid defense and a stout midfield. Olimpia has some quality young talents, including Juan Pinto, Jorge Alvarez, and Michaell Chirinos.

With a large crowd expected, Olimpia should be able to generate plenty of excitement and get a good result against the Alajuelense team. However, if they play as they did in their last match against Motagua, Olimpia may have difficulty finding the back of the net.

The game will be broadcast in the US and Canada on FOX Sports 2. It will also be available on other TV networks such as TUDN | ViX (USA-Spanish), OneSoccer (Canada), Fox Sports Mexico (Mexico-Spanish), and ESPN (Centroamerica, Caribe y Sudamerica). Fans can watch the game online through the CONCACAF website or any of the official partners.

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