Map of Football Clubs in London

map of football clubs in london

Map of Football Clubs in London

A football club is an association of players, managers, owners or members associated with a particular football team.

London is home to six of England’s top-flight clubs and has a strong network of local teams.

Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea are traditionally the city’s most successful clubs. While these three have 103 titles and trophies, others can be found throughout the capital.


Chelsea is a famous football club that was founded in 1905. They play in the Premier League and are considered one of the most successful teams in world soccer. The club has won over thirty competitive honours, with six league titles and seven European trophies.

They are known for its blue and English lion logo, which is easily identifiable by fans across the globe. They also have a club academy, which helps train their young players.

Despite their initial success, Chelsea suffered a slump in the 1980s. Despite relegation to the Third Division in 1983, they eventually regained their status in the top division with two top-six finishes in the following three years.

In 2005, they celebrated their centenary with a record-breaking season and a successful run in the Champions League. The next year, they won the Premier League and the League Cup, becoming the fifth team to win back-to-back titles since the Second World War.

Aside from their successes on the field, Chelsea is also a popular tourist destination in London. Visitors can visit their museum, which was opened in 2005 and includes multimedia displays about the club’s 113 years of success.

There is also a Megastore on-site with souvenirs and gear for fans to purchase. You can also relive your match-day experience at Stamford Bridge, where you can tour the stadium and explore areas usually not accessible to fans.

The stadium has a capacity of 40,834 people, which makes it the ninth-largest venue in the Premier League. It also hosts several events throughout the year, including concerts and exhibitions. It is a great place for a match-day event or a corporate function, and it can be adapted to meet the needs of its guests.


London has several famous football clubs, including the England national team. Whether you’re a fan of the Premier League or simply want to watch some football while visiting the city, you can find many venues to cheer your team on.

Fulham is the oldest professional football club in London, founded in 1879 by a churchwarden and teacher at St Andrew’s Church. They are often known as “The Whites” or the “Cottagers” and have their grounds at Craven Cottage in southwest London.

Their stadium has a capacity of 25700 people and is one of the most popular venues for football in the UK. They have won three top-flight titles and reached the final of the UEFA Europa League twice.

Before Fulham purchased their ground in 1896, they played at several different grounds, including the Prince’s Palace and Saint Andrew’s Cricket and Football Club. In the late 19th century, they won their first league title in 1898 and a second in 1901.

After relegation to the Third Division in 1907, they won the Second Division in 1948-49 and returned to the top flight the following season. They were relegated in 1960-1961 and returned to the Third Division the next year, but in 1992, when the Premier League was formed, they won the First Division and went on to win two more league titles.

In the 2000-01 season, Fulham reclaimed the title and returned to the top flight for the first time since 1968. Frenchman Jean Tigana took charge and led the team to promotion. He signed a variety of young stars and was able to bring in players like Louis Saha.


Tottenham is one of the most reputable and successful football clubs in London. They play in the Premier League and are coached by the renowned Jose Mourinho.

Spurs were formed in 1882 and have since become one of the best football teams in England. Their crest is a cockerel with the motto “Audere est facere”, which translates to “to dare is to do.”

They’ve won two First Division titles, an FA Cup and a European Cup. Their most successful player was Jimmy Greaves, who scored 266 goals in 379 games for the club.

In 1901 Tottenham moved to White Hart Lane Stadium in North London. They quickly gained popularity, with crowds of thousands attending matches. This led to disputes between other teams over their use of public land.

The club stayed at White Hart Lane until 1905 when they raised enough money to buy the freehold. It was then decided that the stadium would be replaced with a new one.

Tottenham’s new stadium, dubbed the ‘Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’, opened in April 2019. It has a 62,850-seat capacity.

It also has no supporting pillars coming down from the roof, which allows fans to see the action clearly from the stands. The away fans are usually placed behind and around the goal in the bottom tier of the North Stand, while the home supporters sit in the top tier.

Tottenham has won several trophies in its history, including the FA Cup eight times, an EFL Cup and two UEFA Cups. They’ve also been relegated from the First Division twice but haven’t been relegated from the Premier League for nearly 50 years.

West Ham

London is home to some football clubs, including those in the Premier League and amateur competitions. These clubs have won 83 titles in domestic and European competitions, making them some of the most successful teams in England.

West Ham is a famous football club that plays at the London Stadium. The stadium was originally built for the 2012 London Olympics and has hosted numerous international sports events and concerts.

Founded in 1895 as Thames Ironworks, the club was reformed in 1900 under West Ham United. They played in the Southern and Western League before joining the Football League in 1919. In 1923, West Ham was promoted to the top division and played in Wembley’s first FA Cup final.

Their home is the London Stadium in Stratford, east of central London. It has a capacity of almost double the previous venue, Boleyn Ground.

Various seating options exist, from general admission to upper-tier suites and lower-tier balcony seats. There are also several restaurants and bars located in the stadium.

The London Stadium is located in Stratford, just 9 km from central London. It has excellent connections with public transport, and many hotels, hostels and guesthouses are available in the area.

In addition to football, the stadium has hosted other sporting events, such as rugby union matches and international athletics. It is also the site of numerous major concerts, including those by The Rolling Stones, Beyonce and Robbie Williams.

The stadium has changed over the years with a new white, blue and claret design introduced in 2016. The stadium has a West Ham logo on the East Kop Stand and symbolic crossed hammers on all the lower tier stands.


Arsenal is an English football club in London that has been a top-tier team since 1886. It is one of the most famous teams in the country, having won 40 domestic trophies and two European ones. It plays matches at Emirates Stadium in Holloway, a suburb of north London.

There are many great things to see and do at Arsenal’s stadium. You can take a guided tour that takes you into the team changing rooms, tunnel, and press box. There is also a museum which features exhibits that tell the story of the club and items donated by former players.

It is also home to the Arsenal Foundation, which uses the power of the name to help inspire young people in north London and worldwide. The foundation uses the sport of football to teach young children how to become leaders and to give them a sense of achievement.

The stadium is also the home of the Arsenal Academy, a youth training program that has helped numerous local boys and girls. This facility is free of charge and offers various services to its young participants.

You can go on a guided tour of the stadium by booking online. This is a great opportunity to learn about the team’s history and how it has become today’s world-renowned club.

After the tour, you can visit the club’s museum, which has many statues of great players that have played for the team in its history. Some of the best-known include Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Tony Adams.

You can even listen to the audio guide while on tour, and it will talk about the history of the team and the stadium. The guided tour is one of the most popular in Europe, and it will take you around the changing rooms, tunnel and pitch and give you a good insight into the club.

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