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Club Chivas de Guadalajara, or simply Chivas, is one of the most popular Mexican clubs. It plays in Liga MX, the highest level of football in Mexico, and has a heated rivalry with Atlas FC.

If you’re a Chivas team fan, check out our selection of Chivas jerseys online at Soccer Wearhouse. We have a wide range of different sizes and styles for you to choose from.


If you are a true football fan, you know that Chivas de Guadalajara isn’t just another Mexican club. It’s a team that takes pride in its homegrown players and traditions, and the club’s jerseys are some of the most unique and recognizable on the grid.

PUMA is proud to have partnered with Mexico’s premier side for the 2022/23 season, and the company has released the official home jersey of the Rebano Sagrado (Sacred Flock). The new kit features some of the best quality materials, including the high-performance dryCELL moisture-wicking fabric.

The jersey is a true homage to Chivas’ rich past, featuring the classic red and white stripes synonymous with the team. The front of the shirt also displays a small but impressive geometric design inspired by Guadalajara’s cathedral’s architecture.

The design mentioned above is paired with the pulsating light display of the Puma Chivas jersey’s logo, giving you a look that’s sure to impress on or off the field. This jersey is a sexy and stylish way to show off your Guadalajara pride at the next match. So, if you are a true Chivas fan, get your hands on this great-looking jersey today! It’s the right way to show your support for a club that has given you so much joy and will continue to do so. It’s the newest addition to your wardrobe and will stand out from the rest!


The red and white colours of the Chivas jersey are one of the most recognizable in soccer, and it’s easy to see why. They represent the club’s commitment to playing only Mexican players and taking pride in their homegrown “Cantera.” The red and blue scheme also reminds fans of Guadalajara, where the team is based.

This Puma Chivas jersey is designed with DryCell technology to wick away moisture and feature Ultraweave fabric engineered for peak performance. It’s the perfect choice for fans looking to show their support.

Embrace your Chivas passion with this 2022/23 Home Jersey. It features a unique geometric design inspired by the architecture of Guadalajara’s cathedral and is made with a Puma DryCell moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable. Its cuffs and hemline are accented blue, contrasting with the front’s classic red and white stripes.

You’ll also find the Chivas logo on the left chest and the word “Chivas” written in gold that evokes historical events that helped bring honour to the team. The polo collar on this shirt is blue, which also appears on the team’s training gear and apparel.

Founded in 1908, Chivas de Guadalajara is the oldest club in Mexico and has won the Copa Mexicana thrice, including in 2006. The first crest was designed around a circle of initials that later became centred. It was eventually changed to the current crest with a Puma “big cat” on top of the Chivas shield. This is the same crest that was used in the 2006 centennial jerseys. The Chivas jersey is available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.


An unsurprising fact is that a top-notch jersey can set you back hundreds of dollars, especially when you’re hunting for the latest and greatest from the likes of Puma and Adidas. When it comes to deciding on a budget, be sure to consider quality, function and fit before you splurge on a new kit. A well-fitting jersey will provide superior performance and protection from the elements while allowing you to concentrate on your game. With this in mind, scour the collection for the best deals on top-notch products. Regardless of your needs, there is a Chivas jersey to match your budget and style.


When shopping for a new jersey, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is the material. Replica jerseys tend to be more breathable and softer fabric, while Authentic jerseys use a heavier-weight climate control fabric designed for longer durability. Regardless of your buying type, we recommend following our fully-fleshed-out guide on Jersey Care to help ensure your kit looks like it did the day you took it out of the box.

Stitching is another important factor to pay close attention to. Many Replica jerseys have fine stitching, while Authentic ones have thicker threads. The quality of the stitches will make a big difference in how your jersey fits and performs on the pitch, as well as how it feels on your body.

The stitching is what gives the jersey that authentic look and feel. The fabric will also affect how the top performs on the pitch, with Replica jerseys weighing in heavier and feeling more similar to a t-shirt. In contrast, Authentic jerseys are made with heavier, more breathable material for players to wear on the field. In addition, the quality of the stitching can impact how long your jersey lasts. If you want a Chivas jersey ready for action, grab this Third Replica Jersey from Puma and start training like a true Guadalajara Goat. It’s the jersey you need to show off your loyalty to the team that’s winning the hearts of Mexican fans all over the world.

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