Encada Soccer Field for Tierra Encantada Charter School


Encada Soccer Field for Tierra Encantada Charter School

A new athletic director at Tierra Encantada charter school wants to build a facility for a full-size soccer field. She dreams of spending $3 million or $5 million to do it.

It will help her with the sports she coaches, and she hopes to introduce girls’ soccer next year. Besides, it is a great way to get kids moving and having fun.


Escada soccer is a team sport that requires respect from the coaches and players of the opposing team. This includes displaying positive sporting behavior at the end of each game, being humble and generous in victory, and being proud and courteous in defeat. Teams are also required to pick up after themselves. Trash containers are available throughout the facility, and additional trash bags can be purchased at the concession stand. This is a great way to promote a healthy environment for the community.


A good pair of cleats is the most crucial piece of equipment for any soccer player. These shoes are designed with the unique needs of players in mind, including protection from bumps and bruises and support for quick movements like dribbling and volleying.

They also help keep your child’s feet dry during practice and in the field. There are various types of cleats, and it is essential to choose the right one for your player’s unique style of play.

For instance, you’ll want to look for a cleat made of sturdy and lightweight material, such as rubber, to minimize injury. A good cleat should also be comfortable to wear and provide excellent support for your player’s legs.

Another essential part of the gear puzzle is the right bag for transporting everything from cleats to jerseys. This can be a significant investment, so read the fine print carefully to ensure that you get a bag that meets all your needs.

The best way to determine your needs is to visit a sporting goods store and ask them for recommendations. They may have a local soccer specialist to help you determine what suits your player and budget. You can also browse online for a more comprehensive selection of quality products. Finally, check your league’s rules for any requirements or restrictions before purchasing anything.


In Canadian soccer, some techniques are used to improve players’ skills. These include running with the ball, dribbling, shooting, and heading.

A player’s technical skills are essential to the game, allowing them to succeed in the field. This is why it is essential to teach them correctly and ensure they can use them when needed most.

While teaching these skills, it is crucial to consider the context in which they will be used and what level of development the child will have. It is also essential to consider how they will be incorporated into the team and assess their precocity in tactical acquisition.

One way of assessing this is to perform training sessions that involve implementing these skills in a basic collective game (Sanchez et al., 2012). Another way is to evaluate them in games where a specific goal or objective can be reached, and the child will have to take control of the situation.

This ensures that the individual skill will be improved in a more controlled manner than it would be if they were to be developed daily without any intervention. Moreover, it is possible to use the games that are already part of the children’s lives to develop the technical skills required for their growth in soccer.

These types of training can be adapted to the needs and abilities of the individual child and the training conditions in the federation where the athlete plays (Sanchez et al., 2007; Duran & Lasierra, 1987).

In this study, the effectiveness of two training methodologies on some technical skills was assessed using a test battery that evaluates the performance of children from 8 to 9 years old. The children’s dribbling, running with the ball, shooting, and heading were evaluated before and after 40 sessions of training.

Both global and analytical training methods effectively improved dribbling, running with the ball in a straight line and with direction changes, shooting the ball with both feet and heading it. However, the global method was more effective on the latter skills than the analytical one.

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